C2 Two Piece Composite BBCOR

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The new C2 BBCOR bat from Old Hickory features a 2 piece hybrid construction. With an A95 aluminum alloy barrel and A3 composite handle, this bat is the perfect combination of brute strength and ruthless power. The C2 is built with a super low MOI creating an ultra-balanced feel for maximizing swing speeds while absolutely punishing baseballs.  The VRTM Anti-Vibration System coupled with an unparalleled sweet spot virtually eliminate vibrations.   

A95 Alloy Barrel is considered one of the strongest and hardest alloys on the market producing harder impact and long lasting durability. 

* A3 Carbon Composite Handle provides swing launch flex with uncompromising rigidity at impact.  

Ultra-Balanced Design with extra long barrel allows for max swing speeds, with a max sweet-spot while providing precision bat control like no other bat available.

OH Poly-Tech Super Grip Technology provides maximum grip and increased       control with anti-slip polymer that maintains comfort and durability.

* 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter

* BBCOR Certified

* One Year Warranty