MT27 Steel Pressed South Beach

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The MT27 Steel Pressed South Beach is now in stock! The game's hardest finish and the game's best warranty.  This is the same model as Mike Trout's gamer with an innovative paint scheme. This bat features an aqua dipped barrel with a pink dipped handle and our neon yellow diamond logo! 

With grains that are compacted and compressed with cold, hard steel you will not find a harder bat!  Complete with a 45-Day Warranty, this Steel Pressed finished bat is taking durability and exit velocities to the next level! 

The Old Hickory MT27 has a medium barrel with a medium handle that runs to a standard knob. The build of this bat allows for a balanced and powerful swing!
Dimensions: 2.50 barrel (medium), .910 handle (medium), standard knob
**shown above with an aqua barrel and a pink handle**