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The XRMT27-E is cut from Old Hickory's most popular turning style, the MT27.  It has a medium barrel with a short taper to a thin handle that runs straight into the ProXR EPIC knob. 

Dimensions: Medium/large barrel, thin handle, Pro XR EPIC Knob

ProXR EPIC Knob - the ProXR EPIC knob pairs our ergonomics with a no-knob design to deliver a streamlined, minimal knob in the hands. The EPIC delivers a stable grip structure for the fingers while nearly eliminating the knob on the palm side. This knob is for hitters seeking minimal compression and greater freedom in the hands to drive the ball with more power. 

All ProXR Models come STEEL PRESSED for added pop and durability

** All Stock Bats are cut to -3 oz length to weight ratio **

**Shown above with ebony barrel and black handle**