Choosing the Right Wood Bat

In today's game most players using wood bats have previously used aluminum bats. When a player makes the transition from an aluminum bat to a wood bat there are many things to be considered. First you must keep in mind that aluminum bats are hollow and wood bats are solid. This means that even if your wood bat is a minus 3 (length to weight ratio) it will feel much heavier than an aluminum bat that is also a minus 3. For this reason most players choosing a wood bat will need to select a model that is balanced. An evenly balanced bat will feel lighter and be easier to control than an end loaded bat.The balance of a wood bat is determined by two factors: barrel size and handle diameter. Most large barrel wood bats tend to be very end loaded as most of the weight is out in the barrel. This will cause the bat to feel heavy or end loaded. Medium to smaller barrel wood bats tend to be more balanced as the taper from the handle to the barrel is less drastic. This keeps most of the weight near the middle of the bat causing the bat to be more balanced or evenly weighted. Handle diameter will also play a big part in the balance of a wood bat. Bats with thicker handle diameters have more weight displaced throughout the handle of the bat. Taking this weight out of the barrel and shifting it toward the handle will make the bat feel lighter and more balanced. 

The models listed below are broken down into categories according to weight distribution.

Very Balanced Models

One of the most balanced models is the J154. The J154 has a medium to thin handle with a medium barrel. It is one of the most balanced wood bats available. The handle of the J154 has a traditional knob like most aluminum bats which provides a familiar comfort as opposed to a wood bat that has a flared or bell knob. Another great model for players making the transition from aluminum to wood is the JC1. This model has a slightly thicker handle and is very balanced. Due to the thicker handle and high density wood used to make the JC1, it also tends to be one of the most durable wood bat models. 

                                        J154 Custom Pro Wood Bat Model J154 by Old Hickory Bats

                                        JC1                                                      Custom Pro Wood Bat Model JC1 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model AR13 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model R58 by Old Hickory Bats


Moderately Balanced Models

Bats in this category will have a medium to large barrel with medium to thin handles. The MT27 is a perfect blend of balance and power. Featuring a long 2.5" diameter barrel much of the weight is distributed through the neck of the bat making this a balanced bat without sacrificing too much barrel.  The MT27 is one of the top selling wood bats on the market.  The MT27 is also the preferred bat of 2014 AL MVP Mike Trout. 


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model MT27 by Old Hickory Bats



Custom Pro Wood Bat Model J143M by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model YP66 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model GB2 by Old Hickory Bats

End Loaded Models

Some players that are stronger and more experienced may like the feel of an end loaded bat. If you are a player looking for this type of model we offer several of these as well. The TC1 is a very end loaded model.  It has a flared knob and a large tapered barrel. Another end loaded bat is the CP1. This model has one of the largest barrels available. We recommend this model only to players that are experienced using wood bats as it is extremely end loaded and made from low density wood which makes it less durable than most models.  


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model TC1 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model CP1 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model MH5 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Model P100 by Old Hickory Bats