What is a Professional Model?

A professional model is a bat model that we have custom made for a particular professional player.  Old Hickory Bat Company produces bats for over 200 Major League players a year.  While many of these players swing a standard Old Hickory model, several others will have their own custom model made to their exact specifications. These models include the MT27 for Mike Trout, the PG44 for Paul Goldschmidt, the LC6 for Lorenzo Cain and the NW18 for Neil Walker.

Custom Pro Wood Bat Mike Trout MT27 by Old Hickory Bats


Custom Pro Wood Bat Paul Goldschmidt PG44 by Old Hickory Bats

 Custom Pro Wood Bat Lorenzo Cain LC6 by Old Hickory Bats

Custom Pro Wood Bat Neil Walker NW18 by Old Hickory Bats