We play semi pro ball in NY, affiliated with the NYCMBL.  The quality of the wood we received is second to none.  Old Hickory will be our official wood bat supplier for years to come.  I placed an order for custom bats through Steve Trapani.  The customer service we received from Steve was top notch.  He treated us like professional players and paid close attention to the details of all our palyers' specifications.  Personally, my custom bat (JB222) feels like an extension of my body when I'm swinging it.  My first game with this bat I went 4 - 4, and felt as if my swing was totally flawless.  It took me about 4 years to find the right model to suit my swing.  I finally found that model with Old Hickory and its given me tremendous confidence at the plate.  Thanks guys!

John B.
Midville Dodgers / NYCMBL

Just got my maple KG1 and it is without a doubt the best made bat I have ever owned.  Old Hickory will be the only bat company I use for the rest ot my life.

Roy C.
Katy, TX

I purchased two Custom Pro –KG1 for my 14 year old son for Christmas and more importantly for the UnderArmour tournament that was held December 27th here in Tucson. My son Gabe was thrilled on Christmas morning and I had to spend an hour up at the park throwing BP. (That’s a good day in my book.) 

I just wanted to let you guys know what a great experience I had purchasing them. I ordered them online late but called someone in the office and they assured me I would have them in time, engraved and all. I purchased two thinking he would use one for practice and one for the games. When I told him that he looked at me like I was crazy, he uses one and the other one is still in the bag, I think he would bite you if you look at it to wrong. He won’t admit it but I think he’s sleeping with it. 

Now for the games: 

Gabe had one of the best series of games ever and to many hits to remember, he hit a walk off double that got them the number one seed. He only struck out once in 6 games, his confidence was over the top – new bat or just the right bat? Either way he loves the bat and many on the team used it and had similar experiences. This was an 18 and under tournament and our team was the younger of the two club teams (The Show) with mostly 16 and under kids and four 14 year olds, Gabe being 14. This was supposed to be a good experience kind of tournament for them but they ended up beating the Older Show team in the semi finals and then winning the championship! 

Just thought you might like to hear a good word or two, we love your bats and I’m sure Gabe is hooked on Old Hickory Bats I know I am. 

Please let your guys know that we appreciate the craftsmanship in the bat and the service we received in ordering and shipping.

E. Johnson
Tucson, AZ

We have used Old Hickory bats for the past two summers and our players love them!   When they arrive in Fulton and  see that we provide them with Old Hickory bats, their eyes light up with excitement knowing that they will be playing with a top quality bat for the next 50 games. The quality, price and service that your company provides is #1 among all of your competitors. When we were in the hunt for the pennant last summer and running close on bats, all I had to do was send an email with an order and we had the bats the next day. That is SERVICE that can't be beat!!! We can't wati for next season and our next shipment of Old Hickory bats. 

Cubb Stokes, GM
Fulton Railroaders, KIT League

I did just order and received two PWB Model Maple baseball bats and I wanted to tell you that these bats are exactly the style and feel of bat I was looking for.  These bats are AWESOME !  I can’t wait to use them!  Without a doubt, I am very happy with the bats I received.

I sent an e-mail after I received my confirmation of the above order and noticed that I had “reversed” the colors of what I wanted on the barrel and on the handle.  I replied to the confirmation of order to notify someone of my error and Jon Moyer responded and corrected my order.  Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted with the bats and the impeccable service of correcting my error was greatly appreciated.

D. Cordrey
Chesapeake MSBL

Thank you very much. I will fully recommend your bats due to your great customer service and bat quality to everyone that i can. Thanks again.

C. Sindlinger

2nd Annual Old Hickory Wood Bat game held in South Carolina

West Florence got on the board in the bottom of the first inning when pitcher Chandler Smetana got a single,stole second, went to third on a balk, and scored on a sac fly by Cody Ritch.Both pitchers Chandler Smetana and Spring Valley pitcher Matt Nodleman both pitched scoreless 2nd and 3rd innings. in the top of the 4th Spring Valley got hits by Matt Nodleman,Ray Mix, and Andrew Mccloskey and Spring Valley took the lead 3-1. West Florence answered with 5 runs in the bottom of the 4th sending 9 men to the plate. Base hits by Cody Ritch,Dale Sylvester,Oneal Kennedy,Paul Pizzutti and Matt Connelly put the Knights ahead 6-3. Chandler Smetana settled down and pitched 3 scoreless innings to get his 4th win of the year. West Florence added another run in the bottom of the 6th as Matt Connelly scored the 7th run for the knights. 
1234567 R H E
spring valley 0003000 3 7 2
west florence 100501X 7 7 1

players,coaches, and fans are looking forward to next years game.
Old Hickory bats were used by players from both teams.

B. Kleinknecht

I just want to thank you for the quick shipment of our P100 Maple Bat. I am the equipment manager of an Amatuer Wood Baseball league in R.I. and I have ordered bats from several wood baseball companies. Your quick service is absolutely untouchable compared to the other companies mentioned. I am sure I will be ordering more of your hard maple bats.

R. Vincent

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the bat I recently purchased from you. I just returned from the Roy Hobbs baseball tournament in Ft. Myers, Fl. playing in the 55 and over division. The ball just popped off the bat when I made contact and the sound was unbelievable. The pitchers were very good and often ran the ball in on the batter's hands resulting in the breakage of several of our team bats. I had two that ran in on my hands and those particular contacts felt like an electrical shock thru my hands but the old hickory bat survived. I couldn't be more pleased with the bat.

D. Davis

I recently bought some bats from your website for my baseball league. I recieved the bats in a timely matter. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys the bats are perfect! I am going to encourage the people to buy bats from this site from now on. The league I am in went to wooden bats and its hard to find nice bats.

B. Fresch

Hey I just wanted to give you and your company 5 thumbs up! I got introduced to Old Hickory pro bats through my teammate during batting practice about a year ago. After a few swings I didn't give it back, I bought it off him. Also seeing numerious pro's use them. I currently play at Southwestern University in California, and next year I will play at BYU. I just ordered a DS6M last night so I can start getting used to wood again for summer leagues. Anyways thanks again for making pop-full bats. I hope to use them for my whole career, all the way up to the bigs!

M. McKeever

We have received our order of "Old Hickory Bats". The thing that impressed
us the most was the pamplet that was included in with the order titled, "Mickey Mantle-His Final Inning". It's an honor to be associated with a company that takes a stand for Christ.

My son is very impressed with your bats. He was given one while attending a showcase at Troy University last summer. He has used several kinds of wooden bats but feels more comfortable with the "Old Hickory" than anything else. He was using an "Old Hickory" bat while attending the Perfect Game National Underclass Showcase back in December down in Ft. Myers, FL. He did very well with your bat.

C. Moseley

I love your bats. How they feel, how they look, and how it feels when you make contact. I have 2 and I just broke one today (july 28 2005) but i still think they are the best bat that I use. Keep up the great work.

B. Lowe

Staten Island has over 30 baseball teams and over 75 years of history. This bat makes the difference, I hit balls for the first time like the aluminum days in college. The sweet spot is larger and the ball jumps. I better hit my homers in 2006 before the rest of the island buys Old Hickory and finds out my secret.

S. Plotkin

I bought an Old Hickory bat for my son and I to add to our Pro Bat collection. Me and my son both luv this bat most of all!!!!!!! thanks for making such a great bat.!!!!

T. Wright

I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my numerous questions about your baseball bats. Just to let you know that I did order two Old Hickory bats over the weekend. I am looking forward to trying them out.-

K. Dabul

The bats are awesome!

H.D. Nix