Puck Knob

Description: Old Hickory’s Puck Knob models are designed with the unique “hockey puck” knob addition that sits below your hands. The Puck Knob allows for the balance point of the bat to shift significantly lower, towards the hitters hands. This allows for a “lighter” feeling bat and an increase in swing speed. 

Things To Consider: When ordering your puck knob bat, order the length and weight drop you typically use with a traditional knob bat. The length of our puck knob bats is measured from the top of the puck (where your bottom hand would rest) to the end of the barrel. The puck knob will add approximately 1” of length under your hands that is not factored into the engraved length of the bat. The weight on our puck knob bats will be approximately 1 to 2 ounces heavier than what you request. Due to the addition of the puck knob under your hands, and the shift in balance point, your puck knob bat will still “swing” like the weight you requested. 
**If you would like a different model Puck Knob bat you may order through our Custom Pro bat customizer and select "puck knob" under the "knob style" section**

**Puck Knobs are not a stock bat and will ship in 4-5 weeks once the order has been placed**