What is the Difference between a Stock Bat and a Custom Pro Bat?

A stock bat is a pro grade bat model that we keep in stock.  Stock bats come in one of 16 models and are pre-made and ready to ship within one to two days  (Please allow for shipping time according to location)  Stock bats are available in pro grade maple with some models also available in birch.  These bats have the pro ink dot and are made from the same professional grade wood that we use to make our Custom Pro bats.  Each stock bat comes in the color you see listed.  See our Stock Bats.

A Custom Pro bat is a pro grade bat that can be completely customized.  Customers may choose specific models, colors, lengths, weight, and wood types. These bats can be made in maple, birch, and ash.  Manufacturing time on Custom Pro bats will vary but will typically will be between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year (Please also account for shipping time according to location)  Each Custom Pro bat is made to order and is produced according to when the order is placed unless the expedited service is selected.  If you don't see a model listed that you would like to order, please contact us.  See our Custom Pro Bat models.