P100 Steel Pressed Watermelon

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The LIMITED EDITION P100 WATERMELON is now in stock with the STEEL PRESSED finish! The game's hardest finish and the game's best warranty. 

With grains that are compacted and compressed with cold, hard steel you will not find a harder bat!  Complete with a 45-Day Warranty, this Steel Pressed finished bat is taking durability and exit velocities to the next level! 

The Old Hickory P100 is one of two bats cut to the C243 profile. The P100 has a large barrel with a medium taper to a thin handle with a slight flare into the knob. The P100 has a large hitting area and is slightly end heavy. This bat model is recommended for a stronger player who prefers more of the bat weight in the barrel of the bat.

Dimensions: Large barrel, thin handle, standard knob with slight flare

**shown above with matte pink barrel and matte black handle**