XR43M - Custom

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The XR43M is cut from Old Hickory's most popular turning style, the J143M.  It has a medium barrel with a short taper to a thin handle that runs straight into the Pro XR angled knob. The XR43M offers an extremely long barrel and a large sweet spot. This model is cut from dense billets, making this bat one of the hardest and most durable bats on the market.

Dimensions: Medium/large barrel, thin handle, Pro XR Angled Knob

Pro XR Angled Knob - the ProXR grip technology is ergonomically designed to work specifically with your rotational baseball swing. This knob’s angled orientation and supporting surfaces protect your hands from compression, while at the same time, improves your connection to the bat. You’ll have a smoother swing, increased hitting performance and amplified power at contact. Designed for hitters.